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Well,I'm back with another page of scope making.We will go into things alittle more in detail.So we can make some great scopes. Audioscopes are getting harder to keep in email sigs,thanks to Webtv.The latest version is on my home page.
Backgrounds or Bgcolor You can use rgb or hex numbers.I prefer to use black.Everything seems to show up better.You can't put backgrounds in the scope code itself only bgcolor.Also you can make a moving background.Like this. Just change 10 for what speed you want.X goes one way and y goes the other.X and y together makes it go diagonial.Like this. Example of a moving bg. A Friendly Ufo
Spacing There's a few ways to put space between scopes.You can put a tag between stacked scopes, You can put "nb sp;" (minus the quotes and space) between scopes and the spacertype like this.
Stacking Stacking is putting a scope on top of a scope.And this is how it's done. Example of Stacking. Easter egg hunt
Gifs and Scopes You can also mix Gifs and Scopes.Something like this Here is an example.Fireball
Scopes over images You can put a scope over an image,awesome look.The way to do this is to put your image in a table background and put your scopes on top of them.Like this. Example
Email Signatures I've found that the best way to do your sig is to embed your webpages.What i mean by that is to make your signature on a webpage then embed it in your email.That way you can have many sigs and you can change them quick and easy.Like this

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